Negative Effects of Imperialism:

  • Africans lost control of their land and independence and were placed under the indirect rule of the British.

  • Many of the Africans died of new diseases, such as small pox, that were brought over by the British. That was because the Africans had no immunity to these diseases.

  • Often times the natives fought the British in battle in order to defend their way of life. Many people were lost to resisting the Europeans.

  • The demand of cash crops caused a shortage of food which led to famines.

  • Cultures and customs were broken down when traditional authority figures were replaced.

  • Homes and property were transferred to the authority of the British and the natives had little or no say in it.

  • Men were forced to leave their villages to support themselves and their family because their were no opportunities for high paying jobs because they were filled by the British.

  • African culture was replaced by the European culture through the educational system causing traditions to become lax.

  • There was a division of African culture. Rivals were united while kinship and family members were split because of the artificial boundaries instated by the British. This caused a great amount of tension within regions.

Cash crops replaced natural food, causing famines.
Cash crops replaced natural food, causing famines.